Why Python Is So popular?

Python is one of the most approachable programming languages today, thanks to its simple syntax and lack of complexity, which allows natural language to take centre stage. Python codes are easier to understand.

Popularity points of Python

  1. Python is Easy to Learn
  2. Python has an active, supportive community
  3. Python is flexible
  4. Python offers versatile web-development solutions
  5. Python is well suited to data science and analytics
  6. Python is efficient, fast, and reliable
  7. Python is widely used with IoT Technology
  8. Python empowers custom automation
  9. Python is the academic language
  10. Hundreds of Python Libraries and Frameworks

Python is Easy to Learn

Python is popular among all types of developers.

One of the most significant barriers for those interested in learning to code is that programming languages are distinct from other languages in that they have their own rules, syntax, grammatical structures, and often require acquiring an entirely new vocabulary.

2. Python has an active, supportive community

Guido van Rossum is the creator of Python who created it 30 year ago. No programmer is an island; The Python community includes developers of all skill levels and provides easy access to documentation, guides, tutorials, and more.

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