Top 5 rooftop Cafe in Noida

For all the Noida people who are thinking of going out on a date or dinner plans with their family and need something like fresh air, here we have curated a list of all the happening rooftop cafes. These are the places where you eat under the beautiful sky with a soft breeze. No weather is better than the current one and read ahead and start making your plans.

  1. Spellbound
  2. Time machine- The Time traveller’s Pub
  3. Kalpak
  4. Tawak
  5. Skyhouse Bar & Cafe

1. Spellbound

Spellbound | Top 5 rooftop Cafe in Noida
 Spellbound – Gardens Galleria,

Looking for a place to just unwind and enjoy the evening breeze? Look like Spellbound has got you sorted. Located in Gardens Galleria, this one has a super pretty rooftop area with white chairs, hanging bulbs, tiny plants to ooze out freshness and we absolutely love it. Once here, do order their Mutton Biryani and Achari Paneer Tikka!

2. Time Machine – The Time Traveller’s Pub

The Time Traveller's Pub | Top 5 rooftop Cafe in Noida
The Time Traveller’s Pub

This pub in Noida is a super funky place that has fused together the past and the future. They have Victorian interiors and wall art that’ll take you back to the good old days, but what we love the most is their rooftop terrace that offers a beautiful view of the city. Plus, they also have pretty hanging plants and white chairs, so come by for a romantic date with bae this weekend!

3. Kalpak

Kalpak | Top 5 rooftop Cafe in Noida
cafe for date night out!

With its beautiful rooftop, soothing instrumental music, excellent ambience and delicious menu, Kalpak is definitely one place you must not miss if you want an ideal date! The dishes are impeccable not only in taste, but also in presentation, and dishes like Golden Fried Prawn and The Momos Soup are to-die-for! Along with the food, the cutesy, romantic rooftop is perfect for your date night out!

4. Tawak

Tawak | Top 5 rooftop Cafe in Noida
A quiet place to have a pleasant meal

A quiet place to have a pleasant meal, this restaurant is well-known for its elegant interiors and North Indian, Asian, Mughlai and Thai cuisines. They even have outdoor seating on the rooftop which is just perfect for a romantic date or long conversations with your BFFs. The Tawak Platter, Chicken Junglee and Golgappa shots are just too good to be skipped here!

5. Skyhouse Bar & Cafe

Skyhouse Bar & Cafe | Top 5 rooftop Cafe in Noida
Skyhouse Bar & Cafe – Skyhouse – Logix City Centre,

If a place with chiller interiors, comfy leather couches to lounge at and fairy lights twinkling during evening hours is your kinda party place, then Skyhouse Bar & Cafe is where you need to be. And with winters almost here, their rooftop will make for the perfect place to hang out with bae!

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