Heaven on Earth in India


The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is a great tourist destination. Picturesque and enchanting, Kashmir is cradled high in the lofty green Himalayas and hailed all over the world for its incredible natural beauty. Surrounded by mountain peaks, lush green valleys, glistening lakes, temples and spectacular Mughal-era gardens, it has inspired poets through centuries. Kashmir is crisscrossed by chinar tree-lined roads and quaint wooden bridges; and is home to bustling bazaars, Sufi shrines and forts. Add to this, the charms of flavourful Kashmiri cuisine and apples and walnuts from the lush orchards surrounding it.
In winter, Kashmir takes on a white glow, covered in soft snow and skiers making a beeline for its famous slopes. And in summer, as the snow melts, and the flowers in the meadows bloom, it resembles an artist’s canvas.
Jammu lies on the banks of the pristine Tapi river. It is dotted with hundreds of temples. From the popular Hindu pilgrimage of Vaishno Devi, which is located nearby, to scores of religious structures set in picturesque surroundings, Jammu is the ideal site to set on a temple trail and soak in spiritual vibes.

10 Unique Experiences To Know Why Kashmir Is Called Heaven On Earth

  • It Has The Most Poetic And Fairytale-like Autumn
  • Kashmir Has The Most Romantic Snowfall
  • Warmest People You’ll Ever Meet
  • Picture-perfect Landscapes
  • Second Highest Gondola Ride
  • Largest And Colorful Tulip Garden In Asia
  • Adventurous Expeditions In Kashmir
  • Rogan Josh And Goshtaba. Need I say more
  • Verdant Valleys
  • Charming Lakes

1. It Has The Most Poetic And Fairytale-like Autumn


Autumn is a beauty of season You’ll love the colors of the season and the wind that feels quite energetic and soft. The trees take on scarlet, golden, and amber hues.

2. Kashmir Has The Most Romantic Snowfall


Just imagine the soft and light snow, freezing and melting, falling on the tree-filled mountains and covering every blade of green grass on the distant meadows. Won’t your soul swoon at the sight of falling snowflakes covering the huts of this paradise on earth, turning it into a mesmerizing Winter land.

3. Warmest People You’ll Ever Meet

you set your foot on this paradise on earth, the lovely and shy Kashmiri people welcome you with their warmth, oneness, and love.

4. Picture-perfect Landscapes


The landscape of the J and K state can be divided into the subtropical foothills of Jammu, the splendid Kashmir Valley that lies between the robust Pir Panjal and higher Himalayas and finally the cold desert of Ladakh.

5. Second Highest Gondola Ride

Gondola Ride

The Gulmarg Gondola ride is the World’s second-highest operating cable car. It is considered as Asia’s one of the longest and highest cable car plans. This cable car project leads to Kongdori Mountain perched at an altitude of 3099.6 meters from the resort situated in Gulmarg.

6. Largest And Colorful Tulip Garden In Asia

Tulip Garden

The Tulip Festival in Srinagar annually attracts tourists from all over the world. Srinagar: Asia’s largest tulip garden, housing over one million tulips, opened to the public today in Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar.

7. Adventurous Expeditions In Kashmir

Adventurous Expeditions

From trekking the Kashmir Great Lakes to skiing on the thrilling slopes of the valley, Kashmir is a true paradise on earth for adventurers as it lets them explore the extensive terrains of the majestic Himalayas.

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